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We design and manufacture high-quality mechanical gear for people who like to get outside and explore the world. If you like extremely well-made things that will last a lifetime, we might have something for you.

Big Squeeze Tablet Mount

Rock-Solid phone/tablet mount for all your off-road shenanigans

Tacoma Phone Cord Clips

Keep your charging cord away from your shifter

Tacoma Premium Radio Knobs

Improved Radio Ergonomics

Tacoma Basic Radio Knobs

Fast volume adjustments, no tweezers required

Un-Holey Dash Mount (Tacoma 2016+)

Say Goodbye to Sticky Tape and Suction Cups

Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount

Simply put, this is the best off-road phone mount you can buy.

Really Comfortable Rig

The shoulder rig you'll want to take with you everywhere.

$50 Follow Focus

An extra tiny follow focus that's backlash free and guacamole smooth.


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