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Our gear isn't for everyone. If you're looking for a jungle gym to wrap around your camera, you've come to the wrong place. But if you want durable, minimalist filmmaking tools -- the kind of tools that let you maneuver in and out of dicey situations with ease -- then you, good person, are home.



We started Hondo Garage because we wanted affordable filmmaking tools that fit in with our minimalist, outdoor-oriented mindset. While other folks were busy trying to make tiny cameras look bigger, we went the other way, distilling our support rigs down to just the necessities. We design and manufacture our products in a little workshop, right here in Bozeman, Montana. We're the kind of people you can call up on the phone with questions. We love making this stuff and we love that people all over the planet are using our gizmos to tell awesome stories.


In a perfect world we'd only have one product to sell you. Just your camera, our one perfect product, and a world full of stories for the telling.

Alas, we don't live in a perfect world. Which is why we have four products you might like. All of them are designed to stand up to professional use in the world's most inhospitable environments.

If you have any questions about which setup is right for you, don't hesitate to call us at 406-551-6027 or email us at mission-support@hondogarage.com.

Pop & Lock Pro

This is the heart of our system and can be used as a top handle, a shoulder stock, or a side grip. If you value versatility and compactness over all else, this is the rig for you.

Mini Rig

The Mini Rig is a Pop & Lock with a quick-release front handle. And that one extra handle makes this a rig that really will do it all. If you own a mirrorless camera, this is the rig we recommend you get.


Really Comfortable Rig

With a fully-articulating front handle, shoulder pad, and counterweight clamp, this is the perfect rig for heavier setups. If you prefer to run counterweights, this is the rig to get.

Barely Rig

The most compact 15mm rod system on the market. If you shoot on a tripod and need to mount a follow focus, the Barely Rig will do the trick. Can also be used to add front rods to all of our handheld rigs.

50-Dollar Follow Focus

There isn't a follow focus in existence that's smaller or lighter than the 50-Dollar Follow Focus. If you want smooth focus pulls and the ability to hit marks precisely, this little guy is your huckleberry.


In this FAQ we will answer questions we are often asked, as well as a few we are hardly ever asked but feel we should be asked more often.

We did! In fact, it's because of Kickstarter that Hondo Garage was able to leave the unheated single car garage it started in and become a real company, with heat and space for more machines and people to peacefully coexist. Our Kickstarter project for the 50-Dollar Follow Focus funded more than 1000%. And we did it all on the basis of the product alone. Before we launched, we didn't have any social media followers or famous friends.

After that we launched a project for the Pop & Lock, the predecessor to our current Pop & Lock Pro. That project overfunded as well, and it's worth a look because the video involves a sidecar motorcycle and healthy dose of absurdity.

If your camera has a 1/4-20 mounting hole on the bottom, then yes, our products will fit. And if your camera is a small mirrorless model such as a Panasonic GH4, BMPCC, or Sony A7s, our rigs are ideal (5Ds work great as well but you'll be missing that electronic viewfinder.)

The more important question is whether or not our rigs will fit your style of shooting. We focus almost all of our energy on designing rigs that are as streamlined as possible. Even if you're not shooting from the side of a cliff or leaping in and out of chase vehicles all day long, there's something to be said for tools that remain understated... almost incognito. So if you're interested in moving fast and being free to focus on your story, not the camera, our stuff is made for you.

We also have a number of folks using our rigs with Canon C100s and REDs, but if that's what you're shopping for, give us a call as we reconfigure some of our rigs to suit the taller form factor and weight of these cameras.

Because it's a better deal for you. When we introduced the 50-Dollar Follow Focus lens gears were more expensive than they are now. To get around that, we offered the fdff with belts instead of the standard gears as this allowed many lenses to be used without being fitted with gears. In many cases this worked great but in a others it didn't work well at all as the belts are prone to slipping and require perfect rig setup. Gears just work, all the time, and nowadays they're cheap, we even sell them.

The other issue was that the belts required different lengths to be used with different lens diameters. That's why we used to sell the fdff pro, as that came with other belt lengths and pulley sizes. With the gear, you don't need to change belts when the lens diameter changes.

The 50-Dollar Follow Focus will still give you the backlash-free guacamole-smooth focusing that the belted version provided. But now you get a more robust setup with faster lens changes, without having to pay extra for the gear adapter.

The short version is that our founder, Wiley Davis, was working on assignment in the Amazon jungle when he sent an email to his editors, referring to them as "the boys back at Hondo." Eventually, Hondo came to mean a mythical secret hideout filled with high-tech gear. If you're familiar with 1980s action television, you'll know a Hondo as the hollowed-out mountain where Airwolf was stored, or the roving trailer that Knight Rider drove into for repairs. We like to think that everyone has a Hondo. In ours, we make camera gear.

Maybe. If you've got an adventurous project in the works, send us an email with the details. We love sponsoring interesting projects and people. We're especially interested in projects involving travel and exploration.


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