Tacoma Basic Radio Knobs
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Fast volume adjustments, no tweezers required

These fit 2nd gen and 3rd gen Tacomas that have radio knobs at the top of the screen. If your knobs are at the bottom of the screen, you want the Premium Radio Knobs.

Sure your Tacoma has that steering wheel volume button, but that thing takes forever to go from loud to quiet... and the stock dash knobs are chinzy little things that require tweezers to adjust. We've fixed your problem with these CNC-machined radio knobs. Our knobs are anodized black, and they're a bit bigger than the stock nubs, letting you get that Celine Dion turned down real quick when you pull up to the Starbucks drive-through.

Your old knobs just pull right off, no special tools required, and these pop on and lock in place with a small set screw. Small allen wrench included.

We also make a no-drill off-road phone mount for 3rd Gen Tacomas.

CNC Knobby Goodness
A quality detail for your truck's interior. Feels nice on the fingers.
Product Specifications
  • Includes two knobs and a small allen wrench
  • Installs in minutes
  • Creates joy with every volume adjustment
Review the Tacoma Basic Radio Knobs

By Mike on September 27, 2018

Get these knobs! I can’t stress stress this enough. Get these knobs!
These are the knobs Toyota should have used in the first place.
Took about a minute to install and now the radio is actually usable.


By Randall T on September 18, 2018

The stock knobs are worthless. These make using the radio a functional process - and they look and feel great too. Toyota should purchase this design and integrate it into the Tacoma.


By Rob on June 11, 2017

Super dope! it doesn’t just look great but they work great too. It’s all in the details and I’m really happy with these, keep up the great work guys! Looking forward to more products for my 2017 Tacoma