Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount
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Simply put, this is the best off-road phone mount you can buy.

We designed it specifically for off-road motorcycle riders and racers who want to use their phones as a GPS. You can ride the track or the gnarliest washboard and your phone won't budge, but when you stop for lunch it's easy to pop your phone in and out.

The Perfect Squeeze is made from precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel, and it works with any phone and any case. 

Moto-Friendly Design
Everything about the Perfect Squeeze was designed to resist vibration and survive the harsh world of fast riders.
Kung-Fu Grip
The Perfect Squeeze uses EPDM gripper posts with just the right amount of taper to lock your phone in place. And the clamping screw has a ball-detent so it won't vibrate loose while you ride, no matter how buzzy your bars are.
Low-Profile Bar Clamps
Low-profile bar clamps get your phone as close to the bars as possible. In most cases, you can position it right in the middle where your phone is most protected. Even works on bars that are really close to the triple clamp.
RAM Compatible
If the low-profile clamps don't work for you, slide them off and mount up a RAM ball. This also allows you to orient the phone in portrait mode.
Choose A Mounting Option
We sell the Perfect Squeeze in four different configurations to fit your mounting needs. You can convert between options at any time, and all the parts are available individually.
Product Specifications

Physical Specs:

  • Made from 6061 aluminum and stainless steel
  • 7oz

Phone Compatibility:

  • Fits all phones small and large (Won't work with tablets, but we're working on an adapter)
  • Compatible with all phone cases

Motorcycle Compatibility:

  • Bar-Clamp range: .5" - 1.25" (that means it works on bars with or without a crossbar)
  • Alternative mounting options: Has an AMPS hole pattern on the back so you can use it with any RAM mount or other AMPS-compatible system
Review the Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount

By David Protz on May 24, 2017

Price shopping search took me to the Advrider page where I realized you are a small, US startup.  You should list that at top of this website as I would support such, even if you were a couple bucks more!  Will buy in these next few weeks-


By Monsignore on May 18, 2017

I originally got this on the recommendation of several inmates over on  I sold my Navi V GPS and had planned on using my iPhone for navigation on long rides on my ‘05 R1200GS.  Fast forward, and I found myself without a speedometer or odometer for a few months, including a 2,500-mile ride to Moonshine & back.  With my iPhone 6 in a LIfeproof case, this mount held solid through two 3-5 hour torrential downpours (plus hail!), 8 hours of sideways , Midwestern wind and my daily New York City commute.
A couple weeks ago, we had a nice day-long deluge.  On my commute home I hit a puddle deeper than I thought, faster than I intended.  The resultant tsunami caused my iPhone to reboot itself, but the phone did not budge.
Also, my Sportster-riding boss saw this mount for the first time today and her jaw literally dropped.
Buy it.


By Raven on May 08, 2017

You want me to tell what I think, well I’ll tell what I think, this grip is hands down the best phone holder on the market.  Built like a tank, not like a lot of plastic junk other companies are peddling out there.  This mount holds your phone like a dog with a bone, it ain’t coming loose.  So people, you spend a of moola on your phones spend some more and buy the “Perfect Squeeze”. My hats or should I say my helmets off to the crew at HONDO for designing the last phone holder I’ll ever purchase, job well done!


By HBSURFDAD on April 12, 2017

I originally used a competitors “X” grip and was ok with it until I rode down the first bumpy road.  After going back and picking up the disintegrated holder and my new iPhone I vowed to find something better.  The Perfect Squeeze is the Perfect Solution!  Just loading the phone into the holder fills you with confidence that it will still be there at the end of the ride.
This will be the only holder I will ever use,  iPhones are too expensive to risk with anything else!

Thank you for making such a GREAT Product!!!!!


By Friedrich on March 03, 2017

I used an X grip for awhile with the tether for awhile, as it was the best thing I had found. After dropping and losing my phone several times when it didn’t hold up to my less-than-gentle riding, I switched to the perfect squeeze. Now I fly down mtb hills, jump, slide, wheelie, whatever and have never had any concern about losing my phone. This device is awesome and well worth the money!
  For what it’s worth, I ride a rigid mountain bike, so there’s no suspension softening the blows. The Perfect Squeeze mount handles it like a pro.
I’d get another if it wasn’t so easy to swap among rides!


By Gregory on January 14, 2017

This mount is of hospital lab instrument quality at a price of harbor freight tools. It’s just perfect in fit and finish.  It’s survived a few spills and the phone never moves a mm. Easy to remove and transfer to another bike if desired, but locks solidly. It’s one of those items that shows quality craftsmanship that’s so hard to get these days.  IMO it’s worth much more than it cost.  It’s of a design that will work with everything from a dirt bike to a cruiser and not look obtrusive or out of place. Much nicer than the typical plastic mounts.


By Tal on December 14, 2016

Bought my two Perfect Squeeze phone mounts just about 6 mos. ago, one for each of my bikes. Since then, I’ve put on thousands of miles of both commute and pleasure riding, and the mounts have performed like champs. The only issue I had was the need to put a little thread locker on the posts when a few of them loosened up about a month into my ownership. The build quality is terrific, and Hondo was very responsive when I had a question. I would highly recommend this product.


By Scott on November 29, 2016

First off, excellent customer service and easy ordering. Great build quality and simple to use. The only downside is that you need to consider the position of the phone in the grips because you may end up lining up the grippers with the volume and/or power buttons on the phone. I will likely order the adaptor to use the phone in the portrait orientation since several phone programs, including the main home screen don’t work in landscape. I would actually prefer if the default hardware setup was for portrait and that landscape would be an extra cost.


By Steve B on November 20, 2016

For this year’s ADV desert rally in Nevada, I ditched the trusty Garmin 60csx for the iPhone 6 using the topo maps software.  There were many choices in terms of phone mounts, but I kept coming back to the Perfect Squeeze based on reviews and specs (especially the engineering aspect).  I was seriously worried about losing my primary form of communication in the iPhone, so I paired it with a LifeProof waterproof case in the event I mistakenly submarine my bike in a river crossing.
My other concern was simply losing the phone due to shake/rattle/roll on my KTM 530 EXC riding through the sand, gravel, and washboard roads you find in Death Valley.  Suffice it to say, the Perfect Squeeze was the least of my worries.  I checked it after every stop and my phone did not budge whatsoever.  After 3 days and 400 miles of riding, the mount worked like a charm and never failed me.
Echoing what everyone else has mentioned, this is not the cheapest mount, but the engineering and ingenuity pay for themselves.  You’ll spend more time worrying about obstacles, and less time worrying about stuff falling off your bike.  Impressive product, thanks Hondo!


By Ron Swallow on November 20, 2016

The perfect squeeze is the best phone mount I have used. They have truly thought this product through and have created a fantastic piece of equipment unlike any other mount on the market to-date. I use it with my iPhone 6 and a Garmin 2595 LMT HD. It fits both devices perfectly! With three mounting options it makes it very easy to position it on my BMW F800gs with other devices. Unlike the X type mounts it is vibration free in on and off road riding conditions and gives me complete confidence that my devices will continue to be attached to the bike at the end of a ride. If using the Ram Ball Mount you can easily rotate the phone between portrait and landscape modes. I give the perfect squeeze a five star rating and will continue to recommend it! Great work Hondo Garage… You Rock!!!