Pop & Lock Mini Rig
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Designed specifically for video journalists and backcountry filmmakers

One Rig, Many Rock-Solid Configurations
We designed the Mini Rig to meet the needs of filmmakers in the field who asked us for a small, packable rig that can fill multiple roles.

  • Top handle for low-angle / easy carry
  • Shoulder stock for cameras without EVF
  • Over-the-shoulder for cameras with EVF
  • ManCam rig for handheld shots
  • Pan / tilt handle for non-video tripod heads

Removeable Pistol Grip Handle
The pistol grip handle is equipped with a quick-release that locks onto the base of the rig, allowing for easy detachment and fore/aft adjustability. This rig keeps one hand free for operating focus, holding a microphone, or hanging on for dear life.

Bomber Construction
Constructed from anodized 6061 aluminum and stainless steel. Spring-loaded rosette joints won't slip during use, and the ball-bearing tension nuts are easy to adjust, even with gloves on. Compatible with our Barely Rig if you need to add front iris rods for use with a follow focus.

Already have a Pop & Lock Pro? Just add the Pop & Lock Pistolero to make it a Mini-Rig!


Rosette joints won't slip
Over the shoulder configuration
Top handle configuration
ManCam configuration
Quick-Release pistol grip handle
Add front rods with our Barely Rig
Arca-Swiss Compatible
Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate built in. The pop & Lock Pro snaps right onto a tripod or into one of our shoulder rigs.
Why Stop There?
Not only can you add rods, but why not a pistol grip handle, or a wireless mic and a small mixer.
Product Specifications

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pop & Lock Pro
  • 1 Quick-Release Pistolero Grip


  • Works with any camera that ahs a 1/4-20 mounting point.
  • Ideally suited for DSLR and mirrorless cameras such as the 5D MkIII, GH4, GX8, A7s, etc.
Review the Pop & Lock Mini Rig

By Alex on January 30, 2017

This is a very well made and solid piece of equipment. I use it with a 5D3 and press the handle against my shoulder, while supporting the rig by holding the pistol grip with either hand. This is a very simple and effective system, because the grip is directly under the camera. I love that I can easily change the camera position. Highly recommended!!


By Katie Winton on July 12, 2016

I started with Hondo Garage with the follow focus, and loved it. I’m a photographer that does heavy video work a couple times a year, but not enough to justify buying every gizmo and gadget. I’ve researched rigs for the last couple of years, but never found one that I liked for the price I wanted to pay.  Honda Garage came through with the Pop & Lock Mini! I got it just in time for a week-long event, and it was perfect. You can make so many different configurations, and it helped with stability so much.
I shoot with a Canon 5D with a battery grip, so it’s a little larger/taller than what most dedicated video folks are going to be using. The only issue I ran into was that I the arm wasn’t quite long enough to make a parallel handle over the top of the camera when I had my 3rd party rail rig attached. But I just made it at a slight angle and adjusted. Already planning on adding the barely rig to account for some height for next time.
Customer service was very helpful, and even accommodated last minute over-night shipping when my travel plans had to be rearranged. Highly recommend!


By Skyboxx on May 15, 2016

This things amazing! The best rig for run and gun! Made with quality!