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Fifty Dollar Follow Focus

A Follow Focus That's Guacamole-Smooth and Small Enough to Take Anywhere

The 50-Dollar Follow Focus is an affordable way to pull focus on your DSLR in a precise, repeatable manner. It’s a solid, extremely packable focus or zoom tool. With the 50-Dollar Follow Focus, you’ll have no excuse not to bring a follow focus on your next shoot.


Small and Sturdy

The Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus is small, extremely packable, and designed to last longer than any camera you'll ever own. If you need a tiny, sturdy, single-operator focus tool, then look no further. You've found it.

Zero Backlash

Sure it looks different, that's all part of the plan. The in-line design of our Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus means a solid connection to your focus or zoom ring using belts or gears. That's right, it can work with either. Unlike an ordinary follow focus, the Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus has a direct connection to your lens, so your focus and zoom pulls have almost no backlash…you'll hit your marks every time.

Makes Touchy Lenses Easier to Control

The Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus isn't just a stick mounted to the side of your lens. It uses gear reduction to give you precise, smooth control over your focus. You'll be able to achieve smooth focus pulls because long pulls on the lever will now result in small changes in focus, steadying the movement. In other words, the Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus turns your cheap, short-throw, photo lens into a more expensive, long-throw, smooth focus-pulling machine.

Repositionable Handle

The Fifty Dollar Follow Focus has a repositionable lever so you can set marks and use it even on long-throw lenses. When you twist the knurled handle, it disconnects the handle from the output gear, allowing you to move the handle to a different position without changing the focus. This makes it easy to set marks (you can draw right on the knob with a grease pencil) or put the lever in the most ergonomic position.

Made in Bozeman, Montana, USA

All of our HONDO Garage products, including the Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus, are made in Bozeman, Montana. We design, test, and machine our parts right here in our small shop.

Two Configurations Available

The Fifty Dollar Follow Focus comes in two different configurations: The Standard and the PRO. The Standard configuration will work with lenses up to 60mm in diameter and is best when paired with smaller prime lenses. The PRO bundle adds a larger pulley, a longer belt, and a 32-pitch gear adapter to accommodate any lens, including geared lenses.

Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus - Standard

  • Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus
  • Precision-Focus Pulley
  • Short Belt
  • Silicone Grip Band
  • Allen Wrench

Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus - PRO

  • Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus
  • Precision-Focus Pulley
  • Long-Throw Pulley
  • 32-Pitch Gear Adapter
  • Short Belt
  • Long Belt
  • (2) Silicone Grip Bands
  • Allen Wrench
Note: Requires our 3D-Printed Nifty-Fifty Adapter to work with the Canon 50mm F1.8.


Fifty Dollar Follow Focus Accessories

FDFF Gear Adapter
Whip Adapter
White Grease Pencil
Small Belt
Large Belt
Large Pulley
Follow Focus Rebuild Kit
Big Lens Upgrade

Fifty Dollar Follow Focus Instructions