$50 Follow Focus


An extra tiny follow focus that's backlash free and guacamole smooth.

We launched the $50 Follow Focus on Kickstarter three years ago. It funded at more than 1000% of our goal and we've been making them ever since. This is the third revision of the original and it's better than ever.

Smooth and Precise
While it may be unconventional, our design eliminates backlash, letting you hit repeatable marks from either side of the marker. The mechanism incorporates replaceable teflon thrust washers so it's smooth, almost as if it were lubricated by guacamole. Because of these refinements, the $50 Dollar Follow Focus makes even the cheapest photo lenses focus smoothly.

Quality is in the Details
It's the small details that make a product a joy to use. That's why we added a repositionable handle that lets you quickly set a mark, or put the handle at your preferred position. We added user-adjustable friction. And we gave the handle a nice textured finish that feels exquisite on the fingertips. These details add up to a quality-made tool you'll enjoy using for a long time to come.

New Geared Version
We used to sell this with belts by default, which worked great for some and horribly for others depending on the setup. When we designed the fdff, affordable lens gears were difficult to find, but now they're very affordable, so there's no good reason to use belts. Because of this, we're now supplying the fdff with gears as the default configuration. The geared version will work great for all setups. You'll need a lens gear but if you don't have any, fear not! We have them available right here.




$50.00 - In stock and free US shipping.

We guarantee your happiness. If you don't like this product, send it back within 10 days for a full refund. We ship Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all over the planet.

The World's Most Compact Follow Focus

Building a compact rig? The FDFF fits in where other follow focuses won't. It's tiny but robust, made entirely out of metal and stainless steel.


Set Focus Marks

Easily set focus marks with a white grease pencil.



$50.00 - In stock and free US shipping.

We guarantee your happiness. If you don't like this product, send it back within 10 days for a full refund. We ship Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all over the planet.

Physical Specs:

  • CNC machined from 6061 aluminum
  • Durable anodized finish
  • Dimensions: 4" x 1.5" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 3 oz

Package Includes:

  • One $50 Follow Focus
  • One small allen wrench


  • Any lens with a manual focus ring and a standard 32-pitch (.8 mod) lens gear (not included.)
  • To use it with the Canon 50mm F1.8, you'll need our 3D-printed adapter gear.
  • Fits standard 15mm rod rigs. If you don't have one, we recommend our  Barely Rig PRO.

Review the $50 Follow Focus


By Mr. Tonge on March 06, 2017

Great concept. Smooth focus with focus gear ring. LOVE the design and sharp look. Solid Product. Recommended for ALL!


By Matt Cronin on January 09, 2017

I’m an employee of Hunt’s Photo and Video, where we carry Hondo products. I gotta say, their stuff is ingenious. The problem with most follow focuses is that their designed for large cine lenses that protrude quite a bit from the lens mount. But when you’re shooting on a small system, like micro 4/3, most of the lenses are so tiny, full FF systems are useless. This is the perfect solution for smaller rigs.


By Phillip Martin on December 21, 2016

It is very smooth, no “sticking” when paired with the Hondo lens gear on my Sigma DC 17 -50mm 1:2.8 EX HSM lens. It is built solid, I like it, I like it a lot.


By Frank Fukuyama on November 18, 2016

I’ve found that the gears will slip after a few rotations, even after I tighten the follow focus down with pliers.  I suspect this is a problem with all FFs that attach to only one rail; they tend to rotate.  Also, I don’t understand why the designers chose to bevel the gears on the FF; it unnecessarily reduces the contact area when meshing with the gear on the lens.  Nicely made but I’m not sure I can use it.


By Juris on November 17, 2016

Simple and smooth af. Also it doesn’t look like a toy compared to some 300$ follow focuses.
My all black one:


By Daniel H on November 17, 2016

Great little device.  I feel as if I have already stripped the screw but it seems to be holding up pretty good. Able to easily move the 90mm macro on the a7s with a wide open lens gear. Definitely like the lever, makes it feel a lot more smooth than with a few cheap knob style ones I’ve had so I’d say it’s definitely worth $50.  Maybe $40 if you bought two wink.


By Dan B. on July 12, 2016

As I have ventured into transitioning into using DSLR video, I’ve been overwhelmed by the complexity of available rig gear and their associated costs.  For me, assembling a fairly modest rig, has escalated to costing more than the camera and lens gear itself.  So what’s up with that? 

What drew me to the Hondo Garage’s $50 follow focus initially, was the cost, but I soon discovered that it also took up a very small footprint on my rig assembly, was lightweight, and was really precise to operate. 

I also was pleased to discover that I didn’t need to use any lens gear bands with my Nikon VR based lenses since the focus textured grip matched perfectly with the gear teeth on the follow focus.  Was this an accident or designed so?  In any case, if you’re a Nikon owner, using VR lenses, you don’t have to worry about buying any lens gears - NICE!

Thanks for the great product and making it reasonably priced too.


By Park Lanford on June 23, 2016

It’s hard for me to judge the device since I haven’t yet purchased rails to mount it on.  But so far it seems very well constructed, and quite worth the price of admission.


By connor on May 16, 2016

Works great, however I was under the assumption that it came with a gear ring.


By Alex Tardif on April 27, 2016

$50 FF is the tits!!!

(Am I allowed to say “tits” here?!?  ...HBO has no problem saying tits and flinging them around all day long - just look at the latest Game Of Thrones premier… good Lord, I’m still having nightmares 3 days later after seeing the real Melisandre!)

Anyway, back to the $50 FF - it really is very nice.  Especially the latest version with the aluminum gear and smaller footprint.  I use mine with Sony A7Rii/A7Sii bodies paired to Zeiss Loxia primes for a super compact and lightweight run ‘n gun rig. Right now I use custom made 3D printed ring gears on these primes but in a few weeks brand spankin’ new metal Zeiss Lensgears should be arriving and I can’t wait to try the combo together.  Oh and I should mention that I have 2 other follow focus systems, one from Ekelkrone and one from Fotga, both of which have more flexibility (interchangeable gears, markings), and yet, there are times when the $50 FF is just a better solution.

Get it.  You’ll like it.  You might even LOVE IT… just as much as I love Melisandre’s tits smile


By Tim on April 26, 2016

Such a brilliant little addition to my kit. Easy to setup, easy to use, great results. What more could you want..


By George on April 18, 2016

Love it easy setup and smooth


By Sergio M. Lorenzana on April 18, 2016

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a tool that’ll accomplish the task at hand.  A golden hammer isn’t going to hammer nails any faster into the board.  Pulling focus is about setting focus between two points, and even if you’re using this follow focus to change aperture/zoom, it’s simple enough that it does the job you need it to do.  It’s priced perfectly for what it does, and it does it’s job well.


By Patch Drury on April 17, 2016

Love it.  Actually did a video


By mintex on April 15, 2016

I’m a part-time video producer and don’t have a ton of money to sink into equipment. I’ve been picking up stuff as I go along but the cost of a decent follow focus has been ridiculous. It’s just a geared wheel yet some companies want over $300! I read the reviews on this one and ordered and I’m not disappointed! This is a smooth, solid, well-made piece of equipment! It’s machining is extremely good, smooth, no burrs, teeth are excellent and it looks great too. There was a slight delay in shipping and Hondo sent me an email explaining why and a free rebuild kit. That’s some good customer service!


By Jim on April 15, 2016

This little guy is amazing. It works perfectly and the company that makes them is really cool too. Bought this thinking it would be a good substitute until I could afford a gear based one. Now I think ill just stick with this. Its really actually quite a joy to use. Smooth and durable definitely recommend.


By C. Lynch on April 15, 2016

I am a newbie filmmaker still learning the ropes. One thing that I learned quickly was that I needed to either be a millionaire to enjoy this hobby (possible profession?), or be content watching others do it on Vimeo! That’s why I think HONDO GARAGE’S 50 DOLLAR FOLLOW FOCUS is so cool! The guys behind this thing pitched their idea on Kickstarter in order to raise the capital ($10,000) needed to build and sell this ingenious device. The response was so overwhelming, not only did they meet their target goal but more than doubled it!

The Hondo Garage follow focus is very well constructed and small, not at all cheaply made with a very pleasing aesthetic. The small size was important especially when using my dslr cage rig. With my matte box, cage, microphone, LCD monitor, etc.,etc., assembled, the follow focus attached quite easily. Unlike the traditional follow focus, the 50 Dollar follow focus is incredibly precise. Most traditional follow focus’ have a gear enclosure, and with more gears there is more room for “play” while turning the focus knob. Not so with Hondo Garage’s follow focus, as they describe it, “Inherent gear reduction means precise focus control, even on cheap photo lenses”, and I find this to be true. The Hondo Garage follow focus also has a repositionable lever so you can set marks and use it even on long-throw lenses.


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