Fifty Dollar Follow Focus

Get smooth focus control in a teeny-tiny package

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Is the Fifty Dollar Follow Focus For Me?

Who's It For?
We designed the Fifty Dollar Follow Focus for cinematographers who need an affordable follow focus that won't take up a lot of space on a rig or in a camera bag (it'll fit in your pocket). It's metal construction and simplified design means it will keep working no matter how much you abuse it.  It works very well for solo operators, but can be used with a focus whip if you're lucky enough to have a camera assistant.

What Does It Do?
The Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus gives you a more comfortable way to manually control focus. The inherent gear reduction allows for precise focus control, and the markable knob lets you set and hit predetermined focus points.

Why It's Better
Well, it's not necessarily better at everything, but it does have some distinct advantages over a traditional follow focus:

Two Configurations Available

The Fifty Dollar Follow Focus comes in two different configurations: The Standard and the PRO. The Standard configuration will work with lenses up to 60mm in diameter and is best when paired with smaller prime lenses. The PRO bundle adds a larger pulley, a longer belt, and a 32-pitch gear adapter to accommodate any lens, including geared lenses.

Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus - Standard

Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus - PRO

Camera Compatibility
It works with any camera that can be attached to a 15mm rod support (if you don't have one, we make some of those as well.) Here are just a few of the cameras we know our customers are using the Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus with: Canon C100, 5D mkIII,  5D mkII, T3i, 70D, 60D, T4i | Panasonic AF100, GH2, GH3, GH4, GM1 | Black Magic Cinema Camera, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera | RED Epic, RED Scarlet | Nikon D800, D4S. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

Lens Compatibility
The Standard kit (for $50) includes a small pulley and a small belt that will work with lenses that use a filter size smaller than 60mm. If you use bigger lens diameters or if you're using a battery grip or lens gears, we recommend the PRO version that also comes with a large pulley and belt, plus a gear adapter. Will not work with the canon 50mm f1.8 lens without the use of our 3D printed follow focus adapter.