Tacoma Premium Radio Knobs
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Improved Radio Ergonomics

These fit 3rd gen Tacomas with knobs at the bottom of the screen. This includes both JBL and non-JBL systems. If your knobs are at the top of the screen, you want our Basic Radio Knobs.

The factory knobs on the Entune Premium systems aren't ergonomically friendly. So we fixed that with these CNC-machined aluminum knobs. These knobs are anodized black and offer a bit more surface area to grab.

We also make the world's best off-road phone mount and a sturdy mounting point for 3rd gen Tacomas.

Replaces the Thin Factory Knobs
Just pull the plastic knobs off and press these anodized aluminum knobs right on.
Engraving Options
Now available with the the Hondo Garage octopus logo or AR15 bolt carrier engraved on the face. Choose your engraving options from the dropdown under the add to cart button.
Product Specifications
  • This package includes two radio knobs.
  • Installs with no tools, just pull your old knobs off and push these on.
  • Made in Bozeman, MT
Review the Tacoma Premium Radio Knobs

By Grimjeeper on March 24, 2017

I’m very pleased with these. The quality is top notch and an excellent replacement for the factory plastic knobs.
I will also mention that the customer service department at Hondo is also top notch.


By Surfrat on March 10, 2017

These rate in the top 5 mods(20+),  I have done to my 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road Dbl cab.
Hated the OEM small plastic knobs on my OEM Premium JBL system. With the Hondos I no longer hit the touchscreen by accident.
Great product!


By Boots on February 08, 2017

I really was skeptical about paying $20 for freaking radio knobs. Now that I did I find myself smiling every time I turn my volume down or crank it up. I realized finally that I can skip tracks with the right knob which I never used before now.  These really make the radio easier to use and I have yet to accidentally activate part of the screen on accident like I used to do with the old shallow knobs. 

Seriously, if you’re the least bit bothered by the factory knobs this is worth it. Also, the quality and support are awesome!