Tacoma Premium Radio Knobs
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Improved Radio Ergonomics

These fit 3rd gen Tacomas with knobs at the bottom of the screen. This includes both JBL and non-JBL systems. If your knobs are at the top of the screen, you want our Basic Radio Knobs.

The factory knobs on the Entune Premium systems aren't ergonomically friendly. So we fixed that with these CNC-machined aluminum knobs. These knobs are anodized black and offer a bit more surface area to grab.

We also make the world's best off-road phone mount and a sturdy mounting point for 3rd gen Tacomas.

Replaces the Thin Factory Knobs
Just pull the plastic knobs off and press these anodized aluminum knobs right on.
Engraving Options
Now available with the the Hondo Garage octopus logo or AR15 bolt carrier engraved on the face. Choose your engraving options from the dropdown under the add to cart button.
Product Specifications
  • This package includes two radio knobs.
  • Installs with no tools, just pull your old knobs off and push these on.
  • Made in Bozeman, MT
Review the Tacoma Premium Radio Knobs

By Bradman on September 14, 2018

High quality.  I went with the AR ones.  Well made.


By Don Camp on April 13, 2018

These are quality made, you wont be disappointed. Had mine for about a year now.


By James Smith on April 09, 2018

I read all the reviews and was really thinking as most the reviews say, can they really be that good, will they really look that good,  is the quality really that good , do they really help the performance , is the shipping really that fast , and so on .
The answer is YES , YES , YES , YES and last but not least YES ! I hardly ever say a word about anything I purchase but you will not be disappointed with your 24.95 purchase. So if you have a Tacom and these knobs will fit be thankful because the cool factor is very high on these knobs (AR15 BOLT design) . Just ordered a new phone mount will let you know how I really feel about it as well .


By Brett on April 02, 2018

If your even thinking of getting (looking) at these knobs just do it.  You can’t go wrong with this product.  No more slick knobs trying to turn and hitting other buttons.  I got the Hondo ones and wondered if I would be able to see the engraving yes you can.  I don’t say much about products but this one is good to go. Thanks keep it up.


By Trevor on April 01, 2018

I didn’t have a problem with the height of the old ones, but in a forum for mods I found these and was skeptical about if I would enjoy them. I said muff it and bought them anyway because they had an octopus and I love them! The only negative thing is that the engraving isn’t very deep but still very noticeable. A very good purchase and well crafted!


By Tommy on March 25, 2018

Stop thinking about it and just get ‘em.


By Chris Stillwell on March 23, 2018

I love them!! They work great! I can now turn the knobs without touching a button on the screen and changing the station.


By Isaac on March 04, 2018

Fit and finish is top-notch. They look great, and function much better than the factory knobs that they replaced. My only regret is that I went with the plain face. I should have gone with the octopus.


By Jamie on January 11, 2018

Didn’t even know there were different knobs to replace the horrible factory ones until I came across these looking for a phone mount. Well worth the money. I got the Hondo Octopus and they look great and work even better.


By JP on November 15, 2017

I got the knobs in the AR-15 bolt variant for my ‘17 TRD Off Road.  Super easy install and they look and work GREAT!