Big Squeeze Tablet Mount
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Rock-Solid phone/tablet mount for all your off-road shenanigans

We designed the Big Squeeze with one objective in mind: Hold any device in any terrain. And by hold we mean hold steady, without wobble, without constant readjustments. Just rock-solid holding power for folks who need to read their map while skipping through whoops or getting rattled over nasty washboard. It will hold everything from a small phone to a full-sized iPad and doesn't need any sort of special case to do it.

  • Clamps any device from .75" to 8"
  • Holds steady in the roughest terrain
  • Insert and remove devices with one hand
  • Machined out of aluminum and stainless steel

Strength In Construction
Machined from aluminum and stainless steel, the Big Squeeze is built to endure the harshest conditions.
Adventure Ready
Designed for off-road adventure, the Big Squeeze is machined from 6061 aluminum and stainless steel. It's designed to last a lifetime and work with whatever devices your future holds.
Fully Adjustable For Any Device
The Big Squeeze has multiple post holes on the front, multiple mounting positions on the back, and adjustable (or removable) support wings to stabilize even large devices.
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Review the Big Squeeze Tablet Mount

By A.J. Simpson on July 25, 2017

I purchased the smaller one to put on my BMW GSA some months ago, maybe a year ago, I don’t remember. After the first few uses it has just become kind of invisible, really. I mean it is one of those things that I have no reason to think about. It just plain works. I see you have really perfected the Tacoma mount but I am a Ford F350 guy and what are the chances of getting one for my truck?